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Faith Baptist Church


What is IGNITE Faith Evangelism?

Have you ever wanted to be able to talk to someone about the Lord but you just didn’t have the ability or courage to do it? If that’s the case then let us help you know what to say and how to say it. FAITH training will help equip you to be able to communicate 5 simple truths about the Gospel to anyone at anytime.

This ministry will join you with 2 other people and form a FAITH team that will enable you to learn & grow together as you make personal visits to people. Participants will be equipped to share the Gospel with others, give unsaved people an opportunity to accept Christ; provide nurturing visits to members; and enable believers to grow through the ministries of our church.

The FAITH Gospel presentation is simple and easy to learn. Each semester is ten weeks. To receive more information about FAITH or to sign up to participate in the next session, please email our FAITH Coordinator, Pastor Micah, or call the office at 727-847-3550.